Waiting for an Album, Part 2

As announced in the previous journal entry, my debut album “Blissful in December” will be released on October 15th.

The album contains seven songs, which I am proud to present with some more details here:

01. Advent Wishes
Listeners with a good memory may recognize this song from the Christmas greeting of 2016, in which I played it on the piano. The Swedish song title is “En önskan jag har i advent”.

02. Born in September
This song comes with a special dedication to everyone who, just like me, is lucky enough to be born in September.

03. Waiting for Santa
This song tries to reflect the exhilarated and impatient wait of the child who waiting for Santa’s arrival. “Ding dong ding!”

04. Smiling Hearts
Song number four is a little ballad. It came to be once during the Pentecost holiday after a correspondence with my friend S on the topic of life’s sorrows and delights. The Swedish song title is “Våra hjärtan ler”.

05. Found: Best Friend
What is a true friend? This song is a musical composition of a poem called “My Friend”, sent to me by my friend A-L many years ago.

06. A Candle Bright
This song comes fresh from the piano. It came to me in an inspired moment, and luckily I had the recording on, so I was able to capture it. The song is about being a light in the dark, which is particularly important in the winter when it’s dark and cold.

07. Blissful in December
The title song of the album. This is my own personal favorite. The song is a rose and declaration of love to a young woman who means the world to me. I would really enjoy hearing this song performed by a symphony orchestra some time. It would sound awesome, I’m certain.

In the next journal entry I will let you know where to find the album after its release.






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