About me

I am an IT consultant from Vallda by Kungsbacka in Sweden. Born and raised in the region Småland. In recent years I have been living in different places in Sweden and abroad. Since about ten years I have my residence on the west coast and enjoy it very much here.

During my professional life I have done web development and software quality assurance (mainly software testing and requirements management). I have also been teaching these subjects at university programs and commercial educations. The combination of IT, people, learning and the joy of solving complex problems is why I enjoy my career choice so much.

I am a calm and confident person who appreciates people who are open and straightforward. This is also how I try to be myself. Clarity and good communication is important as I see it, and a sense of humor is never in the way, either.

After high school I was a student of German Studies at Linköping University for two years, which eventually brought me to Germany where my career in IT began. My interest in foreign language is still active and maintained. Recently, I have learned a bit of Icelandic, Romanian, Hungarian and Italian. The latter in connection with a few trips to Italy with a good friend of mine. In the future I would like to add more languages to the list.

Spending time outside is a great recreation, I think. It is actually one of the main reasons why I live in Vallda. With large fields, meadows and walking trails just around the corner, and the sea merely a couple of miles away, this place is made for taking long walks and making bicycle trips.

In my free time I enjoy seeing friends, going to events, having a fika in a café, watch movies and listen to good books. I am a great fan of audiobooks, and can often be seen on the way to and from work wearing a set of headphones. The move to my own apartment a few years ago triggered my interest in design and home decoration. It has been a great fun to decorate my apartment and plan changes to create the perfect rooms for me.

Music is another thing that brings joy to my life. Since my school days I have played the piano and keyboard. In the last years I have also started to create my own music. So far two albums have been released.