Freddy’s music

   Blissful in December

The album contains a collection of Christmas and winter songs. The music is instrumental and features piano, flute and strings. My ambition has been to make music which is pleasant to the ear, and which brings a feeling of joy and hope.

The songs, skillfully arranged by Ioana Amarita, relate to such themes as friendship, anticipation and love, and have been inspired by several important people in my life. A couple of them I wrote as long as 15 years back, so they have been with me for a long time. Only a few friends and family members have heard me play them on the piano. It’s a great feeling to have them recorded, so they can be available to a larger audience.

Release 15 October 2017
Composed by Freddy Gustavsson
Interpreted and orchestrated by Ioana Amarita
Front cover design by Rizki Ardia